Helps You To Clean Your Email List !!!

Key Features

Single Email Verification

Verify a single email directly from our dashboard or via our API.

Bulk Email Verification

Upload your email list in .doc, .xls or .csv and get the clean list (95% and higher is considered to be a good delivery rate on behalf of an email service provider.)

Real-time email validation API

Our smart and convenient real-time validation API prevents the entry of fake emails in your list. This results in a clean, useful list that boosts productivity and efficiency.

Blacklist Monitor

Our in-built blacklist monitor enables you to be able to view blacklisted e-mail addresses in real time, thus saving you time and energy.

Syntax Errors Validator

Syntax errors validator checks for unknown email formats or email syntax before sending to increase your email deliverability.

Email Duplicates Remover

Our application features an email duplicates remover that works to filter out the presence of any duplicate mails in your lists, thus ensuring you access a stress-free and uncomplicated list.

Hard Bounce Checker

We use an untraceable validation method to check if such an email exists on the mail server. We then remove that email address from your email list, thus increasing deliverability.

DKIM Checker

Using our DKIM (Domain Keys Identified Mail) checker enables you to be able to verify if an email was indeed sent and authorised by the owner of that domain.

SPF Checker

Our SPF Checker analyses and validates your SPF (Sender Policy Framework). This enables the setting of a standard that helps in your organisations quest to battle the hurdles that come with spam mail.

DMARC Checker

Our in-built DMARC checker uses a series of identifiers to be able to report mails that are found to be harmful or fraudulent. These identifiers ensure your list is clear of any unnecessary email


Reduce Bounce Rate

95% and higher is considered to be a good delivery rate on behalf of an email service provider. The bounce rate shouldn't be higher than 3%. In terms of the SPAM rate, you shouldn't be ringing the alarm bells as long as it doesn't exceed 0.08%.

Increase Customer Satisfaction

The X-Email Verify application provides accurate results in filtering out unwanted e-mail addresses with the use of various tools such as catch-all detector, hard bounce checker, spam trap checker, e-mail duplicate cleaner as well as syntax-error validator.

Protection From Fake Emails

Our services ensure that your e-mail lists are devoid of any harmful, fraudulent or invalid e-mail addresses. This increases your deliverability rate and effectively lowers your bounce rate.

Boost Your Deliverability

At X-Email Verify, we believe in speed and efficiency. These values are also reflected in the services we offer. Verification of emails with our services ensures a boost in your deliverabiility by ensuring you only communicate with verified email addresses.

Expand Your Marketing

Widen your horizons and quicken your reach with our email verification tool. Our tools ensure you save both your time as well as energy and place your focus purely on fulfilling your marketing goals.

Convenient Pricing

At X-Email Verify, we ensure you get the best value-for-money service. Our convenient pricing plans mean that you pay lesser for a greater quantity of emails to be verified.

Tracking & Reporting

Track Progress

Our user-friendly application enables you to be able to track the progress of the verification of an email address in real time. You can easily view the verification of email and call the API. All you have to do is simply drag and drop email lists and our application takes care of the rest!


Our application provides you with a detailed, insightful report once the verification process is complete. You can download these reports in a range of different file formats, thus ensuring convenience. Verified email addresses result in higher open rate and higher engagement.


The results of the email verification enables you to be able to easily determine and distinguish between catch-all, verified and unverified mail addresses. We use a host of features like syntax validation, domain validation, MX record checker among many others to deliver the best results.

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