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With X-EmailVerify

  • You Can Ensure A Deliverability Rate Of Almost 99%

    X-Email Verify cleans your email list by checking syntax, verifying every email to ensure a deliverability rate of almost 99%.

  • Verify single email on Bulk email list

    Use single email verification or drag and drop your email list to verify email in bulk, In just one click you will have all your email verified

  • Verify Email Via Our API

    Use our real time email verification API to verify the email seamlessly.

  • Integrate With Industries Tools

    We integrate with industry-leading email marketing tools to help you clean your email list.

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X-Email Verify Features

Single-Email Verification

Verify single email directly from the dashborad or via our API.

Bulk-Email Verification

>Upload your email list in .doc, .xls or .csv and get the clean list (95% and higher is considered to be a good delivery rate on behalf of an email service provider.)

Real-time email validation API

Our smart and convenient real-time validation API prevents the entry of fake emails in your list. This results in a clean, useful list that boosts productivity and efficiency.

Blacklist Monitor

Our in-built blacklist monitor enables you to be able to view blacklisted e-mail addresses in real time, thus saving you time and energy

Syntax Errors Validator

Syntax errors validator checks for unknown email formats or email syntax before sending to increase your email deliverability.

Email Duplicates Remover

Our application features an email duplicates remover that works to filter out the presence of any duplicate mails in your lists, thus ensuring you access a stress-free and uncomplicated list.

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Why Do Organizations Need

X-Email Verify?


Ensure the collection of quality data


Protect your sender reputation increases


Higher value for marketing purposes


Emails are deliver to active inboxes

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