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X-Email Verify is an email verification tool that helps you to clean your email list and drastically increase the outcome for marketing efforts.
For single email verification add email with "Email" as the header and for bulk email verification upload your file in .CSV, .TXT, .XLS, .XLSX, .ODS format.
X-Email Verification has several packages to fulfill everyone’s requirements. You can access the https://xemailverify.com/pricing.php page to know the pricing information in detail.
Yes, X-Email Verification provides a 15 days free trial in which you will get to use all the features and verify for up to 15 emails per day.
Hard bounces are email addresses that could not be delivered, for example due to an invalid mailbox. They are treated very seriously by most email service providers such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, Get Response etc.
X-Email Verification is suitable for any industry for email marketing purposes.Use of email validation is still the most effective way to ensure the collection of quality data. When you verify email addresses your email marketing is more effective,fraud prevention is improved and the ability to protect your sender reputation increases. Through these features, you can efficiently increase the productivity of your company.
X-Email verification tool scans your email list and uses a variety of different checks to remove invalid or dangerous emails. When you verify email addresses the end result is more effective, fraud prevention is improved and the ability to protect your sender reputation increases.
It depends on the size of your file and the type of data in your file. If you have a smaller file such as 10k it may average between 15-20 minutes to see your results.
Very fast, X-Email Verification system is a multi-threaded cloud platform which is designed to verify more than a thousand email addresses every minute.
Yes, X-Email Verification provides API service for real time email verification. It can be integrated with any system that supports GET request and parse JSON response. For batch verification, a "bulk email verification" API service is also available.
There is no need to download or install any software to verify email addresses. All you need to do is upload your entire list for bulk email verification and you can download the results.
Email Address Syntax Check: Removal of any improperly formatted email addresses, according to the IETF standards. Domain/MX Records Check: Verification of the DNS entries of an email address occurs in this step. In case of an invalid domain or a missing MX entry – this procedure marks any such corresponding email addresses as invalid

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